What we offer

Data warehousing and ETL consulting have drastically altered the business environment, allowing organizations to use data effectively. Today, companies have dozens of tools to gather, process, store, and analyze data about their products, employees, and customers. A well-established data warehousing and ETL outsourcing will help you stay competitive by meeting ever-changing consumers’ needs.

We have experience in developing and implementing modern DWH and ETL solutions for financial companies, banks, retail sectors, manufacturing, and a few other industries. Our expertise allows us to implement platforms providing the most effective business data analysis solutions and facing your strategic goals.

Data warehouse development

We offer managed DWH cloud services, custom DWH development, and modernization to help you process big data sets, use advanced analytics, replace standard ETL solutions with an innovative self-service approach. Our specialists are highly experienced in integrating data warehouses with existing business intelligence and reporting systems. Our expertise includes Oracle Database, Oracle DI, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Data Stage, and many more.

Reporting and analysis DWH solutions

Having a reliable data warehouse in place allows you to prepare business information and reports faster. We build DWH and provide ETL consulting services addressing your toughest needs like eliminating errors in reports, accessing data seamlessly, analyzing multivariate data, creating accurate and data-driven forecasts, and segmenting customers.

Risk management DWH solutions

We build, implement, and modernize DWH solutions for banks and financial companies to manage their risks related to non-payment, regulatory effects, credit issues, etc. Depending on your business and risk specifics, we will come up with a suitable software solution and data warehouse model.

Data warehouse for marketing

Having continuous troubles in setting up a workable marketing strategy? By implementing a DWH solution, you can rest assured that you get a 360-degree view of your clients. Thus, you can make data-driven analysis and decisions, discover your customers’ behavior, plan marketing campaigns, create successful cross-selling, and up-selling strategies.